Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

It's Mother's Day! I guess this is the 5th year I don't get the chance to celebrate it with my mom. =( Sorry mom, I promise you to be a good girl. I'll buy you air ticket to go vacation with me =) *Hugs & Kisses* Mommy, I LOVE YOU! ^^

To all of the people out there, give your mom a real big hug today, tell them "I love you". But not only today, every day shall be a Mother's day and Father's day too. *luv luv*

New Phase =D

Dear all, it really has been a long while. Just got to admit that I'm not a blog writing person, I will write when only I have time. *sorry peeps*

Somehow life takes me to a different stage now - yes, Work!

After having my jolly time since I came back from Backpack Europe trip in October 2010, I finally have the motivation to take my lazy ass and go find for a permanent job. After months of searching for a job that I like, I got myself landed on this exhibition constructing job, it's like FINALLY.

Despite I have to wake up early in the morning and sleep early at night, all at all, I love this job. At least it's challenging and fun, I do enjoy my time with my colleagues as they are all friendly and funny to be with. But I'm still trying to get hold of the whole operation, still more to adjust. =/

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm supposed to be at...

Yup, I'm supposed to be inside lecture hall listening to Ms. Fiona, but I was too tired to wake up. (>.<) Last night was a blast! My housemates and I together with group of gentlemen went to Walkabout for the Foam Party. I thought it would be like little bubble flying across the whole club, I was so wrong! It was madness! Although it's not the whole club filled with the foam, just a small part of the club was opened for the foam party, but it was so fun! The foam was like heavy rain shower, the whole floor was flooded with foam that almost reached my knee level! We were so excited playing with the foam, putting it on each others' hair and buttering it on the guys' naked top! =D *ok, I know it sounds obscence, but it was really on the naked top ONLY! Nothing else.. =P*

There was a photography competition organized by my university, I did some editing on my photos, but I missed the deadline as I didn't know captions are needed on the pictures.. (=.=) It's okay, I hope my bitches can win the prize! Go Go Go! =D

"Meteor" made by my friends. Love it! =)

Taken at Whitby Abbey from the ground far away.

Taken from Albert Dock overlooking the view of Pier Head.

At stonehenge from far away.

I personally love this the most, what you guys think? This was taken at The Pier Head.

PS: I did what I could, but if it's not what we both looking for, I shall put a stop to it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long awaited post..

I've been m.i.a. for a long period of time.. I just realized my last post was half year ago! I bet you guys are wondering what I was doing all the time, am I really that busy until no time to update blog? Nope, sometimes I do have the feeling of updating my blog, but that feeling came at a wrong time cause I was not at home. I couldn't update without a laptop. Do you buy that reason? *wink wink* hahaha. Anyway, cut short on the crapping, just let the pictures do the talking. =) [P.S: Btw, I'm in Liverpool now, in case you don't know. =P]

My housemates. They are weirdos... But I love them! Cause they can make my laugh non-stop. *hugss*

Overlooking The Pier Head from Albert Dock. I love this picture.

Although I don't really watch football but I like Manchester United~ =D

Liverpool Chinatown looks like a dead town.. there is nobody at all!

My dearest daughters, my models for my own hobby - photography! ^^

At Whitby Abbey. A very far shot from the ground.

Manchester Art Gallery. This is one of the arts there where you write where you wish to be and tie it at the luggage. =) *I saw one of them wrote wish to be on someone's bed! Mmm Hmmm!*

Stonehenge. Crowded and only can take picture from far away.

Liverpool Albert Dock Merseyside Picasso Show, nice fireworks!

Finally, after 2 months staying in Liverpool, we went to Liverpool Walker Art Gallery.

Yup, I really love Liverpool, but too bad this is a short stay. 3 months aren't enough, next year I'll come again! *Heart Liverpool* =]

Okay, it seems clock is ticking, and I'll having exam tomorrow... Tata peeps~ ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Break

I know, it was a long break and I didn't make any updates all the while. Hereby I shall wish you all a belated Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Ang Pao Come Come~ (bank-in to my account ya~ =P)

After entering my final semester, everything got so busy and there it goes, my Advanced Diploma life has ended. Finished the last final exam, yup, and I got my result. I passed everything! =) That's one thing I need to celebrate on.. But there'll be greater obstacles in my future, I have to keep moving on, work hard, equip myself with better knowledge and yeah, that's how I gonna succeed in my life..

Back to home sweet home is always a relief, I feel comfortable and safe. Everything back here is great, cousins, aunties, uncles, parents, mom's home cook food, always an apple in my daddy's eyes.. I'm just a daugther that like to be pampered by my parents... XD

Now again, I'm back in KL.. doing some part time job and please... anyone PLEASE intro some part time job for me!! *desperate* Nothing much to be deal with, just waiting for time to pass.. I'm feeling like a parasite..

Gotta stop here, will update with pictures soon, I guess.. Hahaha. See ya~

Friday, December 4, 2009


If I continue on having a lifestyle like this.. I'm gonna get myself into the coffin first before I can graduate... T.T

Again, whole night did assignment until 4am and awake at 7:30am, I miss the old days, when I can sleep more than 8 hours, eat and sleep only. *sobsob* Have to rush my assignments, cause next tuesday will be my CA mid-term, a very tough one as I heard from the tutor. Shit!

Argh... Mid Term CA next week, the following week CFM assignment and CG assignment due on Monday and Thursday, and the Case Study 3 due on the following week after CFM and CG... After everything settled, I just left one week to study for final... *ARGHHHHHHHHH* Kill Me Please!!! >.<

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I know i know... Casino... not good not good.... But I have to accompany my friend and I ended up lost RM50............ T.T
Arghhh... suan le ba, what is gone is gone.... *no turning back*

But somehow I really admire those uncle can take out one stack of RM50 and asked to change into chips. Another uncle beside me changed around RM6000 chips.. @.@ Ohhh... That is my half year living expenses... Ohhhhhhhh~

Haiz, get back to assignment.. tata!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

不应该在这样的时候, 想不该想的东西...

很忙, 很忙.....
是你吗? 还是我自己乱了..?
加油! 加油! 林玮钰, 是时候专心做你该做的东西啦!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


我不知道该说什么... 只能问句 “你还好吗?"
看见你这样子, 我只能心痛...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pre-Birthday Celebration 23.10.2009

Yup, yesterday I really had a blast! Really thanks to all my ex-group 5 classmates, most of them were there for my birthday celebration. Love them so much!! Actually I was planning for a simple yet small birthday with few friends of mine, I really didn't expect so much of them turn up as all of us were busy with assignments.

We went for dinner at Restaurant Wong Kok in Pavilion last nite. Supposed to reach at 7:30pm but I was late due to traffic problem.. So sorry made them wait forme *paiseh*... Anyway, all of us were talking and laughing all the time, non-stop of jokes and gossips! After that we had our photo sessions, of course everyone have to take a picture with me. XD (will post it up in the next post.)

Ok, after dinner we supposedly should go Luna Bar, but we changed our mind cause most of them feel like going to club. Hahaha. So we went down to Quattro since there was promotion for black label on Friday. Altogether 16 persons (including me) went in with 3 bottles of Black Label. Wow! I know, last night was the first time for me to go club with so big pack of friends. =) *happy* And seriously, I really enjoyed it and I was very happy. At one point I got so emotional with joy, and my tears drop. There were photos for evidence of my tears of joy. *shy shy*

Okay, I shall wrap up my post with a big THANK YOU to all of you that have celebrated for my birthday last night. Thanks to : Aislynn, Wen Teng, Siok Leng, Lee Teng, Hui Ni, Shuang Yee, Yoon Jett, Alvin, Kok Ken, Chuan Koon, Ken Kim, Wei Sheng, Mun Hau, Jun Yong, Ee Tat, Douglas, Siok Leng's bf, and Lee Teng's bf. =)

Yes.. I cried.. It was my tears of joy.. Love you all so much.. =)